Magic Paintbrush

The Big Catch

Bountiful Catch

Monster of the Year ( Collabration with Shadow Chen)

Solar Power (collabration with Chow Hon Lam)
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Big Trouble in Little Japan
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Neko Takarabune
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Winning tee-designs submitted to For s̶o̶l̶d̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ designs, you can click tomy threadless store to purchase.

  • Website:, USA
  • Year: 2008-2016


/Author: xiaobaosg
Cat Vs Cat Kittentaro Click to purchase! Rise! Rise! Rising Sun! Click to purchase! In GODzilla We Trust Click to...

/Author: xiaobaosg
Onmyoji Click to purchase! Wild Band Click to purchase! Winning tee-designs submitted to Website: Designbyhumans, USA Year:...

/Author: xiaobaosg
Colorful Life The Snow Queen Flag of theirs Fathers Taming of the Wolf Spectacle(d) Caiman Money Swim Cat Courier Winning tee-designs...

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