The Age of Voyage

Close up of Shank

Close up of Luffy

Kazama Hideo Densetsu Tale 19: The Age of Voyage
風魔英雄傳第十九話: 大航海时代

Inspired by one of the/my most favourite manga of all time.

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Aliens Attack

( close up of Ripley and Rebecca from Aliens)

Kazama Hideo Densetsu Tale 17: Aliens Attack
風魔英雄傳第十七話: 異形毀滅者

Inspired by Aliens.


Attack on Hoth

Close up of Luke Skywalker

Close up of Wompa

Kazama Hideo Densetsu Tale 16: Attack on Hoth/ 進擊之霍斯

May the 10th be with you! lol
(*Didn’t manage to finish this in time but well~better late then never)

Guardians of the Heian

Close up of Legendary outlaw, Peter Quill / Star-Lord

Close up of Groot and Gamora

Close up of Rocket Racoon

Close up of Drake the Destroyer

KH014 Guardians of The Heian

Well, it can’t happen in galaxy so it’s probably happen in the darkest
period of Japan, Heian Period. The period where monsters live among mankind.