Battle Royal

Close up of Donkey kong & Yoshi at Dr Wily Stage

Close up of Ness from Earthbound

Close up of Greninja from Pokemon

Close up of Mario

Close up of Samus Aran from Metroid

Close up of Link from Legend of Zelda

Close up of Villager from Animal Crossing

Kazama Hideo Densetsu Tale 1:
KHD001 – Battle Royal

Inspired by Super Smash Bros, a series that features many characters from Nintendo’s most popular franchises.

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Gone with the wind

goodbyeclose up

goodbyeclose up2

P080- Gone with the wind

Life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it, a jealous possessive love that grabs at what it can.” ~ Life of Pi
Everything we have now is not a coincidence, we shouldn’t take things for granted, cherish what we have before its gone with the wind.~~

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Cat Vs Cat(Fish)



Cat012- Cat Vs Cat(Fish)

In Japanese mythology, (Namazu) a giant catfish is believed to cause earthquakes. He lives in the mud under the islands of Japan, and is guarded by the god (Kashima) who restrains the catfish and I think the god was actually a big cat with the hope to save mankind.
Created with traditional brushes, sumi-e ink and photoshop

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