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William Chua aka xiaobaosg

is a freelance illustrator based in Singapore who believe in creating something out of nothing as an artist and is heavily influenced by Japanese and Chinese culture. Some of his most iconic artwork include the Panda Revolution series and other panda-themed designs, Samurai Cat, and game-inspired Japanese woodblock (ukiyo-e) style artwork e.g Samurai Mario. His artwork is created digitally, and is commonly used as designs for t-shirts or prints / posters.

As he regularly submits designs to a few international t-shirt retailers, his t-shirt designs can be found mainly on DesignByHumans, Threadless, and Lafraise.

He had been involved in projects such as creating an illustration and tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS4 , Chinese New Year Event in Singapore whereby his artwork was projected on some buildings in Chinatown, Project Chengdu commissioned by Ogilvy which saw his artwork displayed on billboards in major international airports, commissioned artwork for an animal exhibition by London Zoo. He had also been invited to participate in several international art exhibitions and magazine features in Computer Art Projects, IdN, and Tattoo Extreme Magazine, etc.


Adobe, Ogilvy , London Zoo , Readers Digest , WWE & etc.

To purchase other products:

http://www.redbubble.com/people/xiaobaosg – T-shirt & Phone cover

https://xbsg.threadless.com/designs/ – T-shirt & Phone cover