The Age of Voyage

Close up of Shank

Close up of Luffy

Kazama Hideo Densetsu Tale 19: The Age of Voyage
風魔英雄傳第十九話: 大航海时代

Inspired by one of the/my most favourite manga of all time.

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Aliens Attack

( close up of Ripley and Rebecca from Aliens)

Kazama Hideo Densetsu Tale 17: Aliens Attack
風魔英雄傳第十七話: 異形毀滅者

Inspired by Aliens.


Attack on Hoth

Close up of Luke Skywalker

Close up of Wompa

Kazama Hideo Densetsu Tale 16: Attack on Hoth/ 進擊之霍斯

May the 10th be with you! lol
(*Didn’t manage to finish this in time but well~better late then never)